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Free Classes for Older Adults
Art • Music • Exercise • Health • Finance • & More
Be Active, Engaged, Empowered
(818) 710-2561

For an appointment or to leave a message, please call (818) 710-2561.
Updated COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

Most classes are currently online.

5-Steps Grahpic

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  • New students need to complete an online application.
  • Returning students are those who have been away for two main semesters (Fall/Spring) and need to complete an online application.
  • Continuing Students are students actively enrolled in the current or either of the two previous semesters and can register for classes.
CCC Apply Application (Instructions to complete Noncredit or College applications)

ENCORE has continuous enrollment throughout the semester. Permission numbers are required to add classes after a semester starts. Go to instructions on how to add a class with a permission number. You can email an ENCORE instructor for a permission number anytime during the semester.

Check email regularly. You will receive email from Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC), LACCD and ENCORE instructors. Instructors will contact you through your student email address. You are encouraged to forward your student email to your personal email address.

To learn more about the links and information provided by this web site, please to go our web page "Website Links". To learn more about documents provided by this website and document ADA-compliance, please go to our web page "Addressing Document Compliance".

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