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Kinship Education

Weekly Kinship Education Group

Discuss issues specific to relative caregivers (grandparents, uncles, aunts, older siblings, etc.) such as dealing with birth parents and family dynamics, as well as other issues regarding the care of your relative child. Learn about networks, support and resources for relative caregivers.

All Relative Caregivers     Relative Caregivers Raising Teens
Location: Kaiser Permanete - Woodland Hills     Location: St. Stephans Presbyterian Church
Days: Wednesday Mornings     Days: 2nd and 4th Thursday Evenings
Facilitator: Staff
Call 818-264-0880 for times and room locations.

Kinship Orientation

An overview of the process relative caregivers must go through in order to care for relative children who are dependents of the court and are placed in out-of-home care.

Location Time and Dates: TBA

Call: 818-710-2937 for more information


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