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Classes meet ALL COUNTY & STATE requirements
for B,D & F Rate renewal.
Classes are free of charge and OPEN to ALL Foster Parents, Kinship Caregivers & Interested Parties
All Classes meet in the North Gym, Room 5600 at 9:00am - 12:00pm unless otherwise stated.
Classes may be canceled if fewer than the minimum number of students attend.
Autism & Teens:The Challenge of Autism and the Teenage Years
The glory of Autism and puberty, what fun! In this lecture we will be learning about Autism and the chaos of hormones and how that effects our children. We will have an open forum on the difficulties of transitioning into middle school and high school with realistic coping options and supports to achieve maximum success,
Heather Benado, Lecturer
Working With the Court & Legal Systems:
Participants will learn the Juvenile Dependency Court Process, how to identify the people working in the court , and what happens at a court proceeding.
Tammy Lanier, FKCE Instructor
HOW TO PREPARE YOUR CHILD FOR “ BACK TO SCHOOL”: Mentally, Emotionally & Physically
Preparing your child to go back to school mentally, emotionally and physically is an essential goal parents should add to their priority list of things to do this summer. Participating parents will learn easy tools to help their child achieve great success throughout their upcoming year.
Yvonne Brooks
Heather Benado, Lecturer
IEP's: THE DO's AND DON'TS (9am to 3:30pm) 1/2 for lunch
Individual Educational Plan are plans made for the best teaching style of a child so they receive the best result. Established by the "No child left behind" , idea to teach children in their most capable way of learning and supplying them with special learning devices to enhance to capabilities of retaining what they are taught.
Heather Benado, Lecturer
Documenting Medication Informaion
Many of the children in our care require medication, and as a caregiver, proper documentation of medication information is key. Participants will learn the “5 Rights of Medication”, what to do in the case of medication errors, and the importance of reporting incidents using the Mandated Reporting Guidelines.
Tammy Lanier, FKCE Instructor
Street Drugs: Updates
Exposure to street drugs can lead to many problems with the children in our families. This class will review the effects of commonly know drugs as well as provide updates on more recent drugs. that are available in the streets will also discuss the most effective ways to educate our children about how to respond safely in high risks situations.
Steve Lorentson, LMFT
How to Build Your Child's Self Esteem
Parents will learn specific self- esteem and confidence building techniques to help their children increase competence at home, at school and with others.
Yvonne Brooks
Trauma And P.T.S.D. in Children
Many children experience early life trauma due to various forms of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. In severe circumstances ,children can develop. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). this class will review the typical emotional and behavioral response patterns that children experience as a result of traumatic experiences. We will also discuss how we can respond effectively to traumatic symptoms to maximize support and develop in our children.
Steve Lorentson, LMFT
Attachment Issues
Healthy attachment begins in womb. Many children in foster care began experiencing neglect very early and struggle with attachment. We will explore the "Cycle Of Need" and discuss ways attachment and trust can be developed later in life
Theresa Reed, MEd
Violence In Children
Children who are aggressive or violent can engage in behaviours that are damaging and destructive. This class will explore various expressions of aggression and violence including verbal abuse , property destruction and assault. We will alsodiscuss factors contributing to violence in chilldreas well as effective response patterns and treatment approaches to this problem.
Steve Lorentson, LMFT
Co-Occurring Disorder In Youth
The presence of co-occurring mental disorders among youth with substance use disorders creates unique challenges for both their caregivers and themselves. Research finds that these may also have elevated risk of suicide, impairment in individual and academic functioning, and poor treatment outcomes. Together, we will look at practices that can address these co-occurring issues.
Mazda Lakpour, LMFT
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Awareness and Identification
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) will give care providers the tools needed to identify warning signs and indicators of CSEC involvement. Caregivers will obtain the ability to recognize risks associated with children and youth in out-of-home care, identify and strengthen protective factors to prevent youth from involvement in CSEC, and understand the core elements of CSEC awareness, identification, intervention and referral for assessment and treatment. Caregivers will develop and understanding of the survivor, from the survivor’s perspective. ***PLEASE PRE-REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS Online at extension.piercecollegeledu - CLICK on "register for classes"
Theresa Reed, MEd
Children and "Cutting"
It can be very frightening for parents and caregivers to see their children self- harming to drown out emotional pain. In this class you will learn about various kinds of self – injuries such as cutting and burning, which are typically not meant as suicide attempt, yet can still be dangerous. This behavior can also be a result of underlying psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.
Tammy Lanier, FKCE Instructor
Warning Signs Of Suicide
Unfortunately, suicide is on the rise among children and teens. In this three hour workshop caregivers will learn about the key warning signs of suicide, as well as underlying factors, and suicide awareness and prevention. We will discuss the details of 51/50 hold and the 72 hour Evaluation, and have a question and answer period.
Tammy Lanier, FKCE Instructor
How to Help Your Child Make Good Decisions
Every decision produces a reward or consequence. Caregivers will learn the process of making good decisions, and how to effectively communicate this process to their children. Caregivers will also gain the tools to explain how decisions affect their child’s grades, their friendships and their future choice of going to college.
Yvonne Brooks
Bullying is a problem that impacts thousands of children and can lead to devastating consequences. This class will explore personality characteristics of bullies and various contexts in which bullying occurs including schools, neighborhoods, and the internet. We will also explore the impact of bullying on victims as well as the communication skills most useful in supporting children with managing and overcoming this growing problem.
Steve Lorentson, LMFT

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