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Please check the catalog for instructions on finding your registration date.

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ENCORE is a Pierce College program designed specifically for older adults in our community. ENCORE offers free noncredit classes and fee-based, not for credit classes. Courses address the educational needs and interests of older adults, focusing on topics that promote independence, advocacy, community engagement, self-maintenance, personal growth and development, physical and cognitive health, economic self-sufficiency and includes subject matter that relates to older adults’ life circumstances and positive aging.

ENCORE Noncredit Classes generally meet for 2 hours a week for 15 weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters and for 5 weeks during the Winter and Summer semesters. Classes are free, curriculum based and funded through Sacramento. The number of noncredit classes offered through ENCORE are contingent on hours allotted to ENCORE by the college. Students enrolled in ENCORE noncredit classes are Pierce College students in a noncredit program. Students may enroll at any time throughout the semester, if space is available.

ENCORE Fee-based Not for Credit Classes generally meet for 3-6 weeks in order to make classes affordable. Classes have a nominal fee and are self supporting. They require a separate registration process and there are no refunds unless student shows proof of jury duty or illness. Minimum enrollment must be met by the deadline in order to avoid class cancellation. Maximum class limits are set in order to make for a more personal experience. There are no student adds or drops once classes start due to limited staff support.

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